What We Do


We maintain a specialized skill set to meet any direct hire staffing needs that your company may have. Every candidate is thoroughly assessed according to your standards before we determine if they have the potential to be a successful part of your team.

Our recruitment team provide direct hire services to your company that are sure to meet your company's unique needs.


Choose from our contract-to-hire solutions to meet your long term employment needs. Once you select the candidate for your needs we place them on our payroll and their work for you begins.

Our reContract-to-hire allows your company to decide whether an employee meets expectations before you commit to hire them for the long term.

Warranty Model

Many of the candidates come without knowing what they want or what they are looking for. We analyze the candidate' s skills, give training to the candidates based on their skills or recent technologies, conduct mock interviews and place the candidates in suitable job.

Practice is very important part of the interview and job seeking process. A mock interview is structured like an actual interview so it helps the candidates to project a professional attitude.